Country Survey & Mapping Services Pvt. Ltd. (CSMS) is one of the premier surveying and mapping firms serving the Pakistan. CSMS has also executed the international projects in Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and has a professional staff of Engineers, GIS Experts, Surveyors and associates who take pride in their ability to provide accurate surveying and responsive service to their prestigious clients.

CSMS was established in June 2006 by an eminent ENGR. Hamid Saeed, Ex Chief Engineer Survey and Mapping Section NESPAK. CSMS has completed successfully more than 125 projects since 2006. CSMS has worked for various national and international companies including American, German, Turkish and Chinese etc.

CSMS GPS equipment and systems allow us to provide our clients with the latest technology the industry has to offer; including static observation for precise baseline positioning, rapid static for routine third order control points, and RTK for precise real-time horizontal and vertical data for hydrographic and topographic surveys. Additionally (GIS) maps are created for a wide array of purposes.

CSMS guarantees a quality product and superior service within the partnerships we form with each client.