Quantity Survey Projects

Sr. No. Project Name Client Job Description CSMS Fee
1 Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design of Irrigation / Drainage system for Gambella Alwero Rice Project in Peoples National Regional State of Gambela, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Saudi Star Plc - Ethiopia • Topographic survey of 13,000 hectare of command area.
• Bathymetric survey of Alwero dam reservoir.
• Strip survey of 21km long main canal.
• Quantity and capacity computation of reservoir
• Quantity and volumetric computation of canal.
1.216 Million USD
2 Topographic Survey Of 1100 Tobas In Cholistan Area Of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar And Rahimyar Khan Districts Cholistan Development Authority (CDA) • Establishment of Local Assumed Datum
• Survey of 1100 Tobas, and computation of earth work quantities involved in desiltation to desired depth
• Establishment of Survey Control Network
• The elevation system based on one datum, preferably on Survey of Pakistan datum.
• Topographic survey of each Toba up to natural ground outside each Toba. Basic contour interval shall be 0.5m.
• The basic surveying precision and the topographic map graphics shall satisfy the international practice of survey, and graphic identifications shall be available.
• GIS application shall be developed which will be used to manage, visualize and export the survey data in different formats and to generate reports contour maps and area/ volume curve diagrams.
• Natural and man-made physical features, within 30m of the Toba periphery shall be identified and marked out.
• The Control Points (Concrete Markers) identified shall be transferred to the Client at site and record in written shall be available.
11.00 Million Rs.
3 Topographic/ Bathymetric Survey of LBOD Drains (Pakistan) The Louis Berger Group, Inc • 20 Cross-Sections along LBOD Spinal Drain, KPOD and DPOD
• 30 Cross Sections along Main, Branch and Sub Drains
• 30 Cross Sections of Structures on LBOD System.
• Topographic Survey Of Spinal, Main Branch & Sub Drains 290 Kms
• Quantity survey and calculation of LBOD spinal drain and branches
3.04 Million Rs.