Canals & Drains Projects

Sr. No. Project Name Client Job Description CSMS Fee
1 Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design of Irrigation / Drainage system for Gambella Alwero Rice Project in Peoples National Regional State of Gambela, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Saudi Star Plc - Ethiopia • Topographic survey of 13,000 hectare of command area.
• Bathymetric survey of 13,500 hectare area dam reservoir.
• Strip survey of 21km long existing main canal.
• Quantity and capacity computation of reservoir
• Quantity and volumetric computation of canal.
1.216 Million USD
2 Assistance in Award of Contracts, Preparation of Construction Drawings and Support during Construction of Irrigation/Drainage System, in Gambella, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Saudi Star Plc - Ethiopia • Preparation of Construction Drawings.
• Support during Construction of Irrigation/Drainage System.
• Verification of Survey Control Points, Setting out of Roads and Channels alignment by using Dual Frequency GPS.
0.828 Million USD
3 Alwero River Flood Plain Survey for Design of Flood Protection Works of Gambella-Alwero Rice Project in federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Saudi Star Plc - Ethiopia • Establishment of control network with dual frequency GPS.
• Cross sections of River Flood Plain over 60km river reach.
0.332 Million USD
4 Lining of Distributaries and Minors in Sindh Province i/c GIS Development (Pakistan) Irrigation & Power Deptt. Govt. of Sindh Topographic survey of 3355 miles long, 560 No. existing Irrigation Minors and Distributaries and Cut/Fill volume computation nad quantity survey. 62.75 Million Rs.
5 Topographic survey of Balloki Barrage and Lower Bari Doab Canal System (Pakistan) LBDC Consultants Supply of ETS, Auto Levels and GPS equipment of rental basis, for survey of irrigation channels in LBDC system and Balloki Barrage. 10 Million Rs.
6 Topographic survey of Irrigation Channels falling under Nara Canal Command area WSIP-1 Project (Pakistan) MMP (Pvt.) Ltd. - Pakistan Topographic/ Bathymetric survey, quantity survey and cut/fill volume computation of 248 Km long Lower Nara Canal, Mithro Canal, Khipro Canal Package-I 5.2 Million Rs.
7 Topographic & Hydrographic Survey, Remodeling Of SBM Link & Enhancing Capacity Of Mailsi Siphon ACE~EGC~Barqaab~ECSP Joint Venture • Installation of permanent BMs on existing canal structures along canal alignment.
• Establishment of horizontal with Trimble 5800 DGPS. “XY” coordinates in Survey of Pakistan map projection system
• BM leveling and check leveling with Leica NA-2 or equivalent auto levels based on Irrigation Department Bench Mark.
• Cross sections survey of the wet and dry part of Canal at 250ft interval up to ROW limit and 50ft beyond.
• Topographic/ bathymetric survey of Mailsi Syphon (specified area)
• Preparation of plan & profile drawings at 1:500 scale with 1ft interval. The longitudinal section will be along the center line of the canal.
4.97 Million Rs.
8 Infrastructure Development Works for Pakistan Air Force Base Bholari Kashif Aslam & Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. • Topographic & Bathymetric Survey of about 8,500 Acres
• Installation of Bench Marks
• Survey including X-Sections of roads, structures, Bridges & Pipe culverts etc.
• Survey of Nullah / Streams
3.93 Million Rs.
9 Topographic Survey Of Hill Torrents In Mianwali District Associated Consulting Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore • Topographic Survey of 2000 Acre of Hydropower Project at various scales.
• Construction of Different Survey Stations No 30.
• Establishment of Horizontal & Vertical Control of Project Area.
• Cross Section of Nullah’s No 300.
• Structure Inventory
3.5 Million Rs.
10 Topographic/ Bathymetric Survey of LBOD Drains (Pakistan) THE LOUIS BERGER GROUP, INC Job Description • 20 Cross-Sections along LBOD Spinal Drain, KPOD and DPOD
• 30 Cross Sections along Main, Branch and Sub Drains
• 30 Cross Sections of Structures on LBOD System.
• Topographic Survey Of Spinal, Main Branch & Sub Drains 290 Kms
• Quantity survey and calculation of LBOD spinal drain and branches
3.04 Million Rs.
11 Topographic Survey At Site Of Domeli, Salial & Lehri Small Dams Including Command Areas & Related Irrigation Facilities In Jhelum PCSIAP Consultants, JV of NDC & EGC In Association With ICS & LI Germany Job Description • Topographic survey of existing Dams / Spillways sites 63 Acres
• Longitudinal profile of existing channels / pipelines 18.81 Km
• Strip Survey of existing irrigation channels / pipelines 162 Acres
• Cross-sections of existing irrigation channels
• Topographic Survey of existing command areas of Salial & Domeli 2,166 Acres
3 Million Rs.
12 Feasibility Study for Redesign of LBOD Stage-1 WAPDA • Cross sections of 222 miles long existing drains and a canal 2.2 Million Rs.
13 Topographic Survey of 3-R Abbasia Canal Irrigation & Power Deptt. Govt. of Punjab • Providing Drainage System in the Command Area 500 Square Km of 3-R Abbasia Canal (Liaqatpur) 1.64 Million Rs.
14 Lasbela Canal System Project, Karachi Rehman Habib Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. • Topographic Survey of Lasbela Canal System Project Length 67km 1.161 Million Rs.
15 Check Survey of Irrigation channels under PISP NESPAK (Pvt.) Ltd • Checking survey of 1300Km long Irrigation channels 1.00 Million
16 Topographic Surveys of Makhi-Farash Link Canal Project, Sindh Irrigation & Power Deptt. Govt. of Sindh • Topographic Survey of proposed Canal Strip, 37miles long and 1000ft wide, at 1”:200ft scale. 0.95 Million Rs.
17 Topographic Survey Of Bhagsen (5r) Distributary Of Hakra Branch Canal Near Haroonabad International Water Management Institute (IWMI) • Topographic Survey of Bhagsen 5R-Distributary of Hakra Branch Canal.
• Data View/Management Routine using GIS.
• BMs installation at Head Regulator of Distributary and in the premises of IWMI office will be assigned Survey of Pakistan coordinates in addition to elevation on National datum
0.8 Million Rs.
18 Topographic Survey for Design of Water Intake A.A. Associates, Karachi • Topographic Survey & Cross sections Survey of Water Intake Area/ Arrangements from LBOD 0.150 Million